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My Poem

Cinquain Pattern # 1

Line 1: One word Ghosts
Line 2: Two words Dark, truble
Line 3: Three words Not real person
Line 4: Four words Another name of them
Line 5: One word Spirits

Cinquain Pattern # 2
Line 1: One word Storm
Line 2: Two adjective Violent, power
Line 3: Three-ing words Blowing, building, moving
Line 4: A phrase The nature disaster that is
Line 5: Another word for the noun Danger

Cinquain Pattern #3
Line 1: Two syllables Baby
Line 2: Four syllables your a new gift
Line 3: Six syllables a precious of parents
Line 4: Eight syllables My congratulations to you
Line 5: Two syllableds my love

My Article

Travel » Travel News
Awesome Argentina
You may only come for a holiday, but be prepared - you may end up staying for good
Published: 12/09/2010 at 12:00 AM
Newspaper section: Brunch
Get a few people free associating on the word "Argentina", and it's quickly apparent why the country has long held travelers in awe - tango, Patagonia, beef, football, Tierra del Fuego, passion, the Andes. The classics alone make a formidable wanderlust cocktail.
Just wait until you get there. Arriving in Buenos Aires is like jumping aboard a moving train. Outside the taxi window, a blurred mosaic of drab apartment blocks and haphazard architecture whizzes by as you shoot along the motorway towards the centre of the city. The driver - probably driving way too fast while chain-smoking and talking incessantly about government corruption - finally leaves the motorway. Then the people appear, the cafes, the purple jacaranda flowers draped over the pavements, porteos (residents of Buenos Aires) in stylish clothing walking purposefully past the newspaper stands and kiosks and handsome early-20th century stone facades.
Despite the enormity of the capital city - which is home to a whopping 30% of the country's population - visitors seem to find its groove with surprising ease. The real shocker, after experiencing the art, music, cafes, shopping and all-night revelry of Buenos Aires, comes when you leave it. Aside from a handful of cities such as Rosario, Cordoba, Mendoza and La Plata, Argentina is pretty much empty. Population centre’s are small, and even provincial capitals can have the feel of a friendly town. While these places can be worthy destinations in themselves, their real purpose is usually to springboard people into Argentina's greatest attraction - the natural world.
From the mighty Iguazu Falls in the subtropical north, to the thunderous, crackling advance of the Perito Moreno Glacier in the south, Argentina is a vast natural wonderland. The country beholds some of the Andes' highest peaks, several of which top 6,000 metres near Mendoza and San Juan. It's home to wetlands that rival Brazil's famous Pantanal, massive ice fields in Patagonia, mountains painted in rustic colours, deserts dotted with cacti, cool lichen-clad Valdivian forests, glacial lakes, Andean salt flats, a spectacular Lake District, penguins, flamingos, caimans, capybaras and more.

My Article
Travel to agriculture in Phanggha province
When the travelers arrived in orchard, the first thing that you can see a lot of friutes especially longgaung.
Longgaung in Ratsapa , kaonok orchard were given a lot of the award by another province.
These orchards was guarantee about the fresh, good taste, smell sweet. Furthermore, there are another fruits such as, pineapple, mangos teen, longan. Between tourists walking to see the orchard, they can breathe fresh air and they are very full with to test some of fruits . All of them enjoy together and have a great fun to tour around the orchard in Phanggha. In the other, Kaonok; there are birds, the packs of white wild fowl which it is not easy to see them because they almost to extinct. The villager can conserved about these and they would like to be a model of stable tourism.
Then the people standing on the point view and there are two sea beside here like; fog sea in the early morning and Andaman sea. You can walking up to the mountain; it is rather high but it was worth for the tourist. When the people on there, they will see a large sea around here. You will see the people do their farm; palm, rubber.
When the people come to visit Phanggha and if the peple do not eat native fruit of Phanggha, they are not yet arrived there. Sarika is the name of Durian; it is the native fruit in this province. It is the population of the villager. The price is 80 baht per one kilogram.

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My stories

A farmer and a lot of birds

Once upon time there was a farmer, Thongsuk. Every years, he grows rice for selling, but he had met some problems. Especially, after he finished to grow rice, there were a lot of birds come to eat his rice. Every morning, Thongsuk comes to his farm, and he must to careful a lot of birds. Because there were a lot of bird groups in this area. So he triedto protact this problem but he could not to do about this. Suddenly, he got a good idea and he said that, you are my delicious food one day. Next in the early morning, thongsuk planed to revenge the bird packs. He carried a fishnet to his farm. When he arrived there, he walking stealthily near the bird groups. Then he threw the fishnet toward the bird groups. But all of them flight together and they could fly away from the farmer’s fishnet. After that, the birds flight to hold on the tree that area. A lot of them came to contact each other. They had some conversations that:
An old male bird said: We could fly away from the human but next time, we have to careful about our group.
A young bird: Who is a handsome, a stronger than everyone. I’m a lead in this group.
The old bird said that : It’s not only you but all of us had collaborated to fly together.
The young bird said that: I do not trust you.
And next in the morning, there were many bird groups go to eat farmer’s crops again. The old bird said that : Today we have to combine a big group because it can save our group.
The young bird said that: I don't trust you. If you don’t have me, you can not to do that ; It is only me to help our group.
The old bird: You must to trust me. No way, the young bird replied.
Finally, the bird group divided in to many groups and each other were argue. All of them begin to fight each other and don't careful about dangerous.
The young bird: Oh! My sadness, I was wrong. I’m so sorry with this event. Thongsuk looking towards a lot of birds and he has a chance. Then he throws his fishnet. The birds are could not fly together like before because all of them had separated for each other. Thongsuk was delight and he said that; yes I got a lot of birds Ha! Ha! Ha! And you are my breakfast today.
The young bird asked: today, we have to die?
The old bird replied: Sure. Could you forgive me please? the young bird asked.
The old bird said: It was so late, today we have to certain death.
So, a lot of the bird groups was the breakfast of the human and they could not corrected this situation.
This stories told that, If you do not have a harmony in your team, this loss has been brought about by your separation.

The End

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My Interests

I Interested in sports. I think everyone know that sports are very importance and people around the world would like to play. And they would like to have a good health. Some people play to racing.

When I studied in primary school, I had ever been an athlete in my school because I could played almost every sports, such as, broad jump, high jump, racing, volley ball etc. But I choosed to be a volley ball player and My teacher taught me how to play volley ball sport. He supported me to play volley ball and I fallowed him. He took our's team to race other schools. Some time we won other teams and had a little party at our's school. Nowaday, I have never played some of these sports.

So, this time, I would like to play volley ball agian but I have not some friends to play with me and not anyone would like to play. Some time; I try to play other sports, or I will exercise when I have a free time. I still love to play volley ball and I think one day I would like to be a coach.

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My Diary

Last week, I went to my home town in Srisaket province for three days. I went to tell love my mother on the Mother day. Before I went to my house, I had reserved a ticket in Morchit Station. When I arrived there, I saw alot of people in Morchit and eachother back their home too.

I think, a lot of them went to their house. Some people have the vacation, they came back to meet their family because some of them have to work all years. When they get a chance, they will come back their house. I got on a bus to Srisaket for 9 hours. It was tortured for me and I had a backache. I could not sleep all night untill I arrived there. The bus stopped at the distric. I got off the bus and called my sister came to take me at this place. I told her come to quickly because I felt very tired. I want to sleep and want to relax. I have some gifts for my mother and I gave her on the Mother day. She was very happy about her gifts. Next day, I came back to Bangkok by a van.

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My dream Vacation

My dream Vacation

I would like to go to Japan because this country is very interesting for me and it has some attraction places to travel. Especially, Fuji Volacno; which it is one famous attraction that people around the world know and I believe that the most of people around the world would like to see there.

And if I have a good chance or have a lot of money, I will take my family to go there. I will take them travel around Japan, to learn about Japanese culture, tradition, to have some food that is a famous in this country and I think the people in this country are very pretty. I think the weather this country is very good and I like it, especially in the Winter. There are a lot of snowfall. It is very wonderfull for me because I have never see and I would like to touch and play it for one time.

so, I think, if I have a lot of money, I will take my family to travel Japan and to do something that is a funny such as have a small party. Sometime, if we have enough time, we would like to travel around Japan. And have a good trevel.

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Movie review

I went to see a movie with my friend at Central Ladprao and the movie that I saw was The Twilight 3. The story is about the wolf and the vampire groups. The main characters are Edward (Robert Pattinson) and his friends, Bella (Kristen Stewart) , Jacob (Taylor Lautner) and his friends. The plot of this story is about the three groups, which the first group is the wolf. The seecond is the vampire group. Which they divide into two groups: the good manner and a leader of the bad manner is Victoria. She wanted to kill Bella. She combines new group to hunt Bella. But Edward and Jacob gathered to protect Bella from her enemy.They alternated to take care of her. The wolf packed and Edward's group fought with the new vampire group. Finally, they beat from the battle. But Jacob was injured from the battle with the bad vampire group. Bella is concerned of Jacob's injury. She thought, she falls in love with Jacob. But she can not abandon Edward, because she falls in love with him too. So she is not afraid a both of them.